This is a blog about issues in global politics and my opinions on them. The name “from the fourth corner” is a reference to the fact I’m from New Zealand, an obscure corner of the  world. Also coming up with blog names which haven’t been taken yet doesn’t leave you with a lot of options…

I’m a student, currently studying disaster management but my background is in the disciplines of history and international relations. I have a bachelor’s degree with a double major in history and international relations, and first class honours in international relations, and I am currently awaiting to graduate with Master of Arts in international relations.  My thesis looked at the involvement of women in the peace process on the Pacific island of Bougainville. following the conflict there throughout the 1990s . Generally speaking my areas of interest are conflict and post-conflict environments, nationalism and the state of the nation-state, big power politics, and development, although I will write about whatever takes my fancy. In case anyone cares, if I was forced to adopt a theoretical approach to international relations it would be realism, but I’m not set in stone about that. As well as studying at the moment I’m also working for the New Zealand government which means  I should stress that any views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Initially I was doing this blog anonymously but then I realised that I had posted essays with my name in them as the author, so screw it, if anyone cares my name is Dylan Page.

I’m trying to strike a balance between being clear and informative in my posts, and not getting too dense or academic. I want anyone to be able to read this blog and find it interesting, and maybe join the debate! Feel free to leave comments here or under my posts….


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  • almorcrette

    Kia Ora and thanks fromthefourthquarter for following Our Name Is Nobody. I’m enjoying exploring your blog too.

    Bear with me, I’ve literally just started rebranding from my existing blog – DevelopmentDifficulities – to Our Name Is Nobody. So I’m still playing with the format etc. and have yet to start promoting.

    But great to connect, and keep up the great perspectives on international relations!

    (Not sure where to write this message, hence where it sits – feel free to reject/delete once you’ve read it!)

  • darksiderzukasa

    Hi there! Thought I’d stop by after you followed my blog 🙂
    Nice blog you got here. If I may suggest, you should add pictures to your post to liven them up a bit 🙂

  • Daniel Rio Tinto

    Thanks for checking out and following our blog! It seems you have a blog very similar to ours in idea, and I enjoy reading your takes on international issues!

    Please pass by Imminent Crisis frequently, and leave your comments there! =)

  • Farbs1

    Thanks for the follows, good luck with the thesis!

  • cortol53

    I appreciate your “like” of my blog – I’m always amazed when someone stumbles across my rants/views and takes the time to make a contact – I’ve read thru several of your recent blogs and it is refreshing to see someone at your point in life who can reach what I see as a reasonable balance on a complex issue – seeing multiple sides to a situation or issue is something that I don’t believe most people ever achieve – no matter their age.

  • fromthefourthcorner

    Got the Masters! Page updated now…

  • The Syncretic Soubrette

    Thanks for the follow! I’ve read a couple things on your blog and, so far, I like what I’m reading! Looking forward to more material!

  • 최다해 gongjumonica

    Congratulations on your MA! Thank you for following my blog. I also graduated with a bachelor for International Relations. Though I am not yet practicing at the moment, I am thinking of pursuing my studies and get an MA like you. Then have a review and brave the difficult Foreign Service Examination. Will dig in your blog and sure find interesting topics on international issues. 🙂

    • fromthefourthcorner

      Cool, good luck with your studies. Foreign service work definitely sounds appealing to me too – but I think just having a Masters opens up heaps of opportunities in places you wouldn’t expect anyway so I reckon definitely go for it!

      • 최다해 gongjumonica

        Thanks. I will have my Masters soon, then if all went well I will try to pass that very competitive FSO exam. Where are you planning to work? Some INGOs?

      • fromthefourthcorner

        Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, I just want to work for whoever will take me, I’ve just got a job for the government here but ideally I’d like to get work overseas so I can not just travel but actually live in some different parts of the world. Although it sounds cheesy, basically I just don’t want to have a boring life!

      • 최다해 gongjumonica

        It is okay, no problem. I’m not copying you, but I share the same dream. I’d like to work for the government, but would like to be assigned abroad. If I will pursue a career in Foreign Service this will be very possible. I don’t like to have a boring life either 🙂

  • greenfishbluefish

    Been awhile since your last post. You’re obviously busy.That said… More please. ^^

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